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Petit France

There is a very pretty Cafe in Okcheon, Changnyeong. It is called Petit France. It serves a variety of fresh coffees, smoothies, breads and cookies. It is a  beautiful Cafe because of its decor and location. This Cafe  is the perfect place to while away a Sunday afternoon! Definitely worth a visit if you live in Changnyeong.

Coffee Break


Get Your Puppy Fix in Jangsan

GMAT and the Plank: A painful combination!

Hello Readers,

It's Sunday morning here in SK and the sun is shining brightly!

Plans today include studying, laundry, studying, exercise, and then more studying.

Also I will be making regularly scheduled visits to ART ESPRESSO and CAFE BENE. I considered Rotiboy, but I doubt I'd have enough willpower today to stay away from the "Cream Cheese Boy" bun. At 218 calories it doesn't seem too bad, but man, they load that thing down with sugar!

SK Bread

Sugar. That's the issue I have with a lot of Korean baked goods. Even the breads (not the pastry items, the BREAD) is sweetened and it drives me absolutely up a wall.

Coffee Time!

Hello Readers!

Just a quick update. (And so soon after the last one! Boy, I'm good!)

Since my last post I've found a new apartment to stay in. If all things go well (let's hope and pray that they do), I'll be moving into the new place by Sunday night. I want to tell you more about it! But, I should wait until it's 100% sure that I'll be moving in. Then I'll give everyone the awesome details.

I've found a lovely new coffee spot. Before moving out of Busan, I really enjoyed coffee at Angel-in-us. It was a good atmosphere and the coffee wasn't bad either. Tonight after work, and while waiting to go see the apartment, I stopped by a little place called "Rotiboy". I ordered a cappuccino (my favorite recently). It was bliss.

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