International Wines and Spirits Expo 2016

When it rains it pours!

Taste the Peninsula's Best Brews at the Great Korean Beer Festival 2016

Craft beer has been on the rise in the food scene for several years now here in South Korea. These tasty brews, which boast distinct, individual characteristics, are slowly replacing their watery counterparts (cough Hite, cough Cass) that have dominated the beer market over the past few decades.

In the past, one had to go all the way to Itaewon and its surrounding areas to get a taste of craft brews (which may or may not be one of the reasons I moved there), but fortunately, as craft beer has become more mainstream, even general supermarkets keep certain varieties in stock.

Jewelry Fair Korea 2016 is "RE-BORN" at COEX

It’s no secret that South Korea has an ever-growing taste for the finer things in life. Just pop into any department store, or take a stroll through one of Seoul’s shopping districts to witness first-hand the nation’s obsession with luxury.

Unsurprisingly, the country is also one of the world’s fastest-growing jewelry and watch markets, which is why the Korea International Jewelry and Watch Fair (aka Jewelry Fair Korea) has had much success since its establishment.

Coffee Expo Seoul 2016 to Serve Up a Fun and Tasty Caffeine Fix

There’s no doubt about it. Koreans love their coffee.

So much so that it’s impossible to walk a single block in this country without crossing a packed coffee shop franchise, posters of celebrities advertising overly sweet mix coffee, or a cleverly designed theme cafe.

As such, it’s no surprise that one of the country’s biggest food-related exhibitions is dedicated to the caffeinated beverage.

Helen’s Kitchen

Name: Helen’s Kitchen (헬렌네 부엌)

Location: Samseong Dong

Makgeolli Festival Roundup 2013

It’s that time of year when  we start seeing some excellent makgeolli festivals pop up for us to taste at and partake in.  It can be hard to know exactly when these things emerge until it’s too late, so here is a wrap up of what we know is going on.  We have our ears to the ground and we will be updating here when we get any new information about makgeolli events coming up.


Ilsan Makgeolli Festival

Seoul Photo & Imaging Show 2013


Being a part of a huge event where pretty much everyone around you is a photographer in one way or another is an intense time. This year I was invited to attend as a member of the “press” which basically meant that I got a free pass and… well that was about it. Not that I am complaining but it was a little unimpressed after jumping on the KTX from Ulsan at 5:22 am to hit Seoul and then an hour on the Subway to get to COEX to get a plastic badge after the emails about being a “VIP blogger”

2012 WKB Tour - Day 1

Hi everyone!, as you know last week I traveled to Korea for a tour among other WKB bloggers,  first I would like to thank KOCIS (KoreaNet) for inviting us on this wonderful trip and for recognizing our work as bloggers :)

A special thanks to Suh, Jeong Sun (Director – Global Command Contents), Han Jeon, Cathy and Grace for such a warm welcome!

Up High, Down Low

The last time I was at COEX I enjoyed some fresh air after the Handmade Korea Fair. It was a bright and blue day out.

Heavy Rain ~ AGAIN!

Rain, rain, go away, come again another day!

So I thought the rainy season was done and dusted for this year. It had seemed long enough anyway but after a few days of sun a huge storm has hit Seoul.

I'd been visiting the National Museum of Korea yesterday and was lucky enough to have an umbrella with me when the rain began. Although the umbrella wasn't much use in the end because as you might already know when it rains here, it pours! I got well and truly soaked. Pretty much my head to toe was wet. It wasn't my prettiest moment I have to say.

Then this morning I was actually woken up by the thunder it was so loud. It seems to have been raining throughout the night and from what I read on the Internet this morning this rainy season has broken some records.

Seoul has received over 838mm (33inches) this July and about 400mm of that has fallen yesterday.

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