Club Opening: Jongno's Club 50

A new club opened up this weekend in Jongno. Pub and lounge on the first floor and a dance club in the basement. I'm pretty sure it is a gay club as they were advertising it on Ivan City and it is right near the gay junction outside of Jongno 3 Gu exit 6.

Club Babylon Opening

Friday night saw the opening of gay club Babylon in Itaewon. They have free entrance today and tomorrow, as well as free drinks for 100 people. Enjoy!

Seoul's nightlife

I've been thinking about What to wirte lately, apparently been in Korea for 3 months and doing lots of activities is draining me and I just can't think what to blog about... sad, I know :(
Even from the sky Seoul looks very alive 

New Clubs in Itaewon: Gray and Action

Ivancity has had promos for these two clubs ever since I've left Korea. Has anyone been?

v.o.g.u.e.'s Second Monthly Disco

I got a message about v.o.g.u.e.'s second party at Cakeshop this Friday, June 6th. I went to their first party and had a great time.

Some info about v.o.g.u.e. from their facebook page:

Busan Gay Club Opening: Volt

Last time I visited Busan, there wasn't a gay club, which is a bit ridiculous for a city of more than 3 million. Luckily for the gays down south, there is a new club in town.

Volt is opening this Friday in the Seomyeon district. The second floor basement will be a club, with music and dancing while the first basement floor will be a calmer atmosphere with soju, food and noraebang.

I don't really know the precise location... the map on this flyer isn't the greatest. Any readers located in Busan that could enlighten me?

Club Review: Lovo

Last (last?) Saturday, I visited Jongno with a good friend for some bar hopping. After Sno Pub, we headed to the newly opened Lovo. Straight out of exit five on the opposite side of the road we spotted Lovo on the third floor. We entered, no cover, and were greeted with something like this:

Club Review: Gation Party

Monster has a new party. I don't know how often this event will occur, but it is pretty spectacular. Especially if you like bears.
We arrived at around midnight on Saturday to find a line out the door. After paying 15,000 won, we grabbed our free drink tickets, checked our jackets, and joined the mob. Playing in an underground club full of shirtless Korean bears and techno music... pretty sweet.

Boys(1&4y) & mum from Finland looking 4 company, playmates, activities

We are arrriving to Busan early April for a year and are looking for company to share days with while husband is working. Boys are 1 and 4 year old and we are hoping to find playmates. We are also interested in children's clubs or other activities, all tips are highly welcome. It would be great to have also advises on life with kids in Busan and on life in Korea in general. We will most likely live in Marina city or nearby. We are looking forward to new experiences and hopefully new international friends! Hoping to hear from you! Best wishes, Sanna and the boys

Seomyeon At Night | Busan, South Korea

I took some video of the Seomyeon (pronounced SumYon) area of Busan this evening. The videos were taken at 9:30 on a Monday night. I’ve been down there when it’s so busy you can hardly move. Seomyeon is an interesting area. There’s a plastic surgery tourism section, more shopping than you could ever do, a vibrant club scene, and dining of all sorts. So you can get a boob job, buy a designer outfit, grab a bite, and hit the clubs, all within a ten block area.



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