Christmas lights

What Happened to Nampodong?


When I first arrived I was in the company of some extremely talented photographers. They gave me a start into a world that would drain my wallet and fill my heart with joy, almost simultaneously. One of the best areas in Busan that a photographer could go to drain his wallet and walk away with some nice gear was Nampodong. It’s streets were lined with camera shops and underground was full of retro gear. It was a place where you’d give a friendly nod when you saw a camera bag or tripod.


New Year's Nightlights in Nampo-dong

When many people think of holiday lights in Korea, they often imagine the festive lights at Seoul's Myeong-dong Cathedral, or the Christmas display inside the lobby of Itaewon's Hilton Hotel. For those of us living or visiting further south, Busan's Nampo-dong offers a beautiful annual holiday display called 'The Christmas Tree Cultural Festival,' and it draws crowds for both shopping and photos from December through early January. 

Night Lights in Nampo

If you live in Busan, and haven’t yet strolled through Nampodong after dark this season, I suggest hopping on line 1 as soon as possible to check out Christmas–Korea style.  

You’ll spot a whole lot of the typical holiday symbols…

Destination: Seoul Lantern Festival (2010)

UPDATED 14 Nov 2010 - the festival has been extended until November 21st. See the Joongang Daily article for more information.CORRECTED x2 9 Nov 2010 - thanks to Andrew in the comments for additional information.CORRECTED 8 Nov 2010 - thanks to Sara Sonsaengnim in the comments for additional information.The Lady in Red and I were dragging a bit Saturday night. After seeing some friends and a Tom

Deck the halls with boughs of holly... (Christmas decorations, part 2)

Or so the song goes. Proof of the holiday spirit is widespread through the city of Seoul, and these are just a few pictures attempting to capture some of those decorations.

The stage just outside Myeongdong station - note the reindeer in the background.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Seoul features some wonderful places to see Christmas lights and decorations - but not all of them are where you might expect. Open up in a new window for some chiptune Christmas music while strolling through the pictures.

Chris in South Korea: Now published in 10 Magazine

So it's not a travel post, but it certainly required some research. Pages 12 and 13 feature my article on "Making a Home for the Holidays"; although uncredited, three of the four photos are mine as well. Click here to read it online, or find a paper copy of 10 Magazine at most any bar in the Itaewon area or quite a few hotels around the country.

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