Choi Han-bit

Gayspeak: 성전환자 (Transgender)

This word of the week popped up in my Korean class. While looking up the meaning for 전환 (conversion, switch), my dictionary led me to 성전환자.

성전환자 (seong-jeon-hwan-ja)

성 refers to sex (the biological sex), 전환 is conversion and the 자 is one of the many words used for a person. Put it together and you have transgender. Korea uses the loan word 트랜스젠더 as well, so if you aren't as assiduous of a student as TKQ, feel free to use the Konglish. Let's make a couple of sentences.

Men Can’t Get Raped in Korea? (Updated)

( Source )

But in Korea at least, perhaps the most appropriate revenge would have been to inflict the same back on the rapists? For I’ve just been shocked to learn that legally speaking, men can’t actually be the victims of rape here.

Korean Gender Reader

( Source. See here for the details ) 1) A much needed American woman’s guide to dating Korean men. 2) Transgender model Choi Han-bit (최한빛) reached the final round of competition in the 2009 Asia-Pacific Supermodel Contest in Seoul, which will be held on September 25. See AllKpop for more pictures and videos, and FeetManSeoul translates an [...]

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