Makgeolli and Politics

We’re not huge on politics here at Makgeolli Mamas and Papas; we really just want the world to sit and enjoy some satisfying makgeolli with us on a rainy day.  But, a new brand of makgeolli produced in Daegu, South Korea, is running into some political issues. The name of their makgeolli, in the eyes of some, is a little too close to that of a political figure-head in Gyeongsang province.  Take a peek for yourself to find out what is going on.

For the full article check here.

Thoughts on this article?  Other experience with makgeolli and politics? Feel like leaving tips for those searching for anything makgeolli?  Comment away!

Six Weeks, Nine States: Aussie on the Road in the US, 2012

Post image for Six Weeks, Nine States: Aussie on the Road in the US, 2012

It’s now 34 days until I touch down in the US of A and damned if time isn’t flying along. I’ve started mailing out media packs and getting in touch with hostels to arrange accommodation, but it feels like there’s entirely too much to do before my epic tour of the USA gets underway.

Korean Food USA: Aria

Korean Food USA: Belly Shack

Top 5 Most Korean-American Cities: Chicago

In a weekly series of posts, we will present the Top 5 Most Korean-American cities, selected not only for their numbers, but also for their visibility in mainstream America. Our research was guided by the following criteria: population, famous and/or influential locals, programs, and hotspots.

MBA and other admissions counseling work

Hi, I am considering moving to Korea and I would like to get work doing MBA counseling to help clients get into schools like Harvard and Stanford.  I am a graduate of Yale and Stanford and I have about five years experience getting Japanese clients into top ten US schools. I am great at getting flawed applicants into top schools.  I got a women into Stanford who only had a 580 gmat.   How would you recommend I get access to top clients in Korea?  In Japan, it worked entirely by word of mouth. 

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