The Manjok (The 만족)


Top 7 Jeonju Hanok Village’s Street Food (that you shouldn’t miss)

Jeonju, located in Jeollabukdo province, is one of best cities to visit because of the well preserved Hanok Village.

Jeonju Hanok Village is the biggest Hanok village in Korea. There are over 800 traditional Korean Hanok houses. While the rest of city has been industrialized, Jeonju Hanok Village  retains its historical charms and traditions.

5 Amazing Bingsu Desserts in Korea

My favorite thing to eat in the blistering hot Korean summer is bingsu. I’m not a huge fan of hot weather, so this popular dessert of shaved ice milk and assorted toppings is a perfect way to cool off. Starting around May you’ll see new businesses that open just for the summer, and you can assume that most of them are bingsu places. This summer I’ve noticed that a specific chain called Sulbing 설빙, which originated in Busan, has spread throughout the country. I’ve seen Sulbing or a ripoff version of Sulbing even in small towns in the country! We realized when we filmed this video that the two videos we’ve done about this tasty treat have both featured mango bingsu, so we decided to ask some friends to send us some pictures of their favorite bingsu around the country so that we could share it!

I can make ricotta cheese!

Aaron and I just got home from a 3 day vacation to Seoul!  We stayed with Jess and Mayo, undoubtedly one of my favorite couples in the world, and ate the most delicious food, talked about life, love, relationships, traveling, the future, healthy food, crafting and blogging... We played games, took walks, watched a 4D  movie, drank wine, felt baby Perlaza jumping around inside Jess's belly and relaxed together... you know, all of my favorite things!  I left feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and blessed to have friends like them in my life!
*** Sorry there are no pictures of the weekend!  Sometimes memories are best held, well, in our memory! :)

Cauli Pizza!

Happy New Year!  I hope you’re all as excited as I am by the promise of the best year yet! I think a wonderful goal to have is to make each year better and better- and generally that is what I strive for :) This food blog has been an exciting part of my year- only a couple months now that it’s been up, but I’ve really enjoyed sharing recipes and pictures with you.  Thank you for following me, checking my posts and liking my facebook page :) Remember, comments are always welcome… but now on to the food..

Hummus Heaven at High Street Market

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“You look like you could use an almond milk coffee smoothie with real mint chocolate bits,” the man behind the counter caught me off-guard as I stood at the entrance of the store wide-eyed and drooling. “I can make it for you now and you can enjoy it while you shop.” I nodded, unable to verbalize my gratitude. “Did he just read my mind?” I thought. Maybe he did, or maybe he just saw me for the sucker that I am, regardless, the drink was beyond amazing and I couldn’t help but make a few annoying slurping sounds with my straw as I managed to enjoy each bit of the almond milk deliciousness as I browsed all that High Street Market had to offer.

Cooking on a Sunday Night

Before I write about what I made this weekend, I want to ask all of you reading this to PLEASE send me your favorite cupcake recipe with a great fluffy frosting. I am dying to make cupcakes!!! (and eat them) But please no crazy ingredients, I live in South Korea and not everything is as easy to find.


Man you must think, she makes a lot of bread. Every Sunday we are out of Bread. Adam eats a lot of it :)

No Soul Film Productions presents Busan Movie Night Vol. 3 : Drive

Thursday, April 12, 2012 - 21:00


No Soul Film Productions presents

Busan Movie Night Vol. 3 : Drive

At Vinyl Underground in Kyeongseong

We will be showing an HD version of the 2011 Neo-Noir film


Starring Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan, Bryan Cranston and Albert Brooks(from Scorsese's Taxi Driver)

Check it out at:


Check Busan Haps, or Facebook ~ "Busan Movie Night" for our next movie

We will be showing New and Old, Korean, American and Foreign movies w/ subtitles Every Thursday at Vinyl Underground in Kyeongseong Area

Review: High Street Market (Itaewon)

Deli meat. Cheese. Wine. Fresh bread. Hard-to-find foreign products.

It’s rather rare for me to review a store – of all the places that can be found on one’s own, stores feature colorful and prominent signs. Yes, this store features one of those hard-to-miss signs, but it’s what’s inside that merits the attention.

I'm on a diet.

I'm on a health kick, with these delicious, healthy alternatives...

1. Ice Cream
2. Chocolate
3. Cheese
4. Beef
5. Pizza

Check out the full article at...

Of course, after a workout, I rehydrate with a beer.

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