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The DPRK in the Penalty Box

This sounds like as convenient a measure to take against Pyongyang as possible – put the DPRK in the penalty box.

…either ban broadcasts of the 2010 World Cup tournament in North Korea, or even better, ban North Korea’s side from participation in the tournament due to start next month. There is precedent for this: Yugoslavia was barred from participating in the 1994 World Cup because of ongoing United Nations sanctions. It’s also a sanction that would not benefit any internal hardliners responsible for the Cheonan.

A Sane Conservative Response to the Cheonan Affair

I’ve often blogged about how unsatisfying and childish it is to call Kim Jong-il’s, or the DPRK’s, actions crazy. What is crazy is American conservatives calling for war. Fortunately, scholars like Charli Carpenter and The Economist make the conservative argument for sagacity look good.

Of course neither a conflagration nor an end to the regime may be round the corner. Despite a suspected stroke in 2008, Mr Kim has tightened his political grip. His power does not appear to have been shaken even by a disastrous currency reform late last year that further impoverished hard-pressed North Koreans. He has used the Cheonan affair to stir up nationalism at home, by thundering about the threat of invasion.

Strategic Binds on the Korean Peninsula (Video)

I'm pleased that Carpenter took the regime change position, even if I ultimately agree with Drezner, that regional players want the status quo for the next decade at least. Continue reading

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