Progress in Spain

0. Cover Granada

I’ve been in Spain for the best part of two months now and my life is beginning to have some semblance of regular form. It’s an odd feeling when I consider that two months ago I was wrapping my Korean life up and now I have a job and new home in Granada, Spain.

How to Be an Excellent, Award-Winning ESL Teacher

During my time here in Korea, I’ve had the opportunity to meet some great teachers. One of those teachers is my friend, Candice, from South Africa. It’s possible you’ve watched her in other videos of mine including one of her award-winning classes she presented to the Busan Office of Education.

Back in 2012 Candice was recognized by the Office of Education as the standout GET (Guest English Teacher) in all of Busan.

Q&A: The Importance of TESOL, CELTA, and Teacher Certifications

A follow up another Q&A topic dealing with what major is best for teaching English abroad?

What Certification is best?

The topic of certifications is a vast array of choices. There are acronyms like TESOL, TESL, TEFL, CELTA, etc. that can be difficult to navigate if you’re still unfamiliar with the whole lay of the land.  In short, TESOL/TESL/TEFL are generally interchangeable. They are ESL certifications that offer 50, 100, 120 hour courses.

TESOL Certs - Smart People, I challange thee! Best place to get one?

Hi All,

I'm now doing my shopping for a certificate which can help me maintain a position in Korea. I plan on moving to Seoul next year, however, I don't think my BA and 2 years of teaching experience is enough to land a decent job within city limits. So I'd like to do what I can, since I have the time and some extra cash, to get a certificate to better my chances.

So that comes to my questions for the community. If you have any CELTA/TESOL/TEFL certs, could you please tell me where you got them, how much, and what you think they are worth? Or if you have a program that you strongly recommend, I'd love to hear about it.

I will only be able to do the cert online, so that means any super advanced ones, like CELTA are not an option now (not to mention I fail some of the requirements to get one), but could be in the future.

As far as I understand, the way to go with TESOL is to make sure to get a 100+ hour cert.

Should I Take a TEFL Course?

Let’s get this out of the way first: you do not need to have a teaching certification to teach English in Korea. In fact, most foreign teachers in Korea have not completed any kind TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) certification. However, taking a TEFL course undoubtedly makes you a stronger job candidate and can be invaluable in this competitive job market. There are a few reason why you should consider taking a TEFL class:

1. Strengthen your resume. These days, employers and recruiters see thousands of applications per month. And almost all of them have the same qualifications: native English-speaker with a Bachelor’s degree. Having a TEFL certification on your resume makes you stand out from the mob, and can mean the difference between the “Call Back” folder and the recycling bin.

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