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Oh, and one more thing. *Advice about The Arrival Store*

I’m home. Phew. That was a long flight.

I’m ecstatic to be home. Everyone said it would be weird and strange and that reverse culture shock is a monster, but honestly it’s been pleasant so far. Perhaps it is because my family has been amazingly supportive, I have so many friendships to catch up on and a few babies to meet (New people arrived while I was away!), and I am super busy networking and job searching.

Need info on how to unlock my Samsung Galaxy Note...

Hey all, my wife and I are unfortunately leaving Korea suddenly due to a family emergency and I have a cell phone question I'm trying to get some answers on. My wife purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note a few months back with Olleh and as we are now leaving, we're not sure if we can get it unlocked for use in the USA or if we should just sell if off before we go. 

Anyone with experience in how to get the phone unlocked and if so, can they be used abroad with Sprint or Tmobile? I've run searches but eveythings wishy washy maybe because this model is relatively new. Thanks in advance for the help. 

ICare--IPhone Repair Service

IPhone Repair Shop located near Haeundae.
(address updated May 2012)





Make a phone call?



I'm trying to call PNU from my cell phone and because I'm terribly smart it's not working so please help, haha. The number is 82-51-510-xxxx. I know that 82 is the country code and that 51 is busan's city code but still can't make a call however many variations I've made. My cell starts with 010 so please clear this up for me, thanks!

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