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What to Do about North Korea? (Video)

Here’s an impressive panel of Korean experts discussing the “North Korean problem”.

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Fast Food for Slow Minds (Video)

The taste testing and feedback was the most hilarious part of this Penn & Teller’s Bullshit! episode on fast food. But, it’s low hanging fruit. What was more controversial is Penn’s Cato-backed diatribe against “nudging” and homily for the “free market”. I never knew the “free market” still existed in the US, what with all the subsidies and other distortions. Yes, double taxation of lower-class families is well, bullshit, but so is the “free market”. Kudos to any family fighting against ads and Costco, to decide for themselves what is healthy to eat. But, let’s not forget that food is only one aspect of a full epicurean life. Exercise is another.

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