Just Outside the Norm - Jeonpo's Cafe District

BUSAN, South Korea -- Yeah you like the lights and crowds of Seomyeon, but sometimes you want a more mellow, hipper vibe; a place to study, converse, feel apart from the bustle and maze where the green and brown tracks collide.  A person could live in Busan for years before finding just such a place: the Jeonpo Cafe District.  Minutes away from Seomyeon and directly accessible from Jeonpo Station on the green line, this small area used to be only machine shops and unremarkable stores, but today it is brimming with unique personality.

The Coffee Alchemist At Schumann Gwa Clara

The Brunch-PNU



Korean Faiths

I was in a cafe, where a Buddhist monk came to bang on his hollow wooden moktak for exactly three seconds before the barrista, a chubby man who had been chomping and slurping at his noodles like a ravening horse not five minutes before—shaking the windowpanes with the barbarous thunderous smacking of his tongue and his lips—ordered him to get the hell out, almost before he even started chanting, like this:

Monk: [to wooden knocking] Ha-may-ha-may-ha
Barrista: Fuck off!

In the Hood: Ehwa Women's University

There's nothing I love more than spending a lazy Sunday afternoon exploring the neighborhoods of Seoul. It seems that no matter how many times I visit an area, I'm always finding something new, whether it be a park, a boutique, or a street food vendor. So, in hopes of sharing my discoveries with other curious Seoulites and to encourage similar exploration of Seoul's districts, I've decided to start blogging about my finds by neighborhood. First up: Edae ("E" for Ehwa, "dae" is the shortened form of the Korean word for university).

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