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This Could Be (one of) the Last Time(s)


The fact that I live an apartment on the twentieth floor is not news to this blog. This high position allows for a fine, if not a little post-apocalyptic at times, view of Suwon on all but the most weather beaten of days. I have grown fond of taking photographs of the many perspectives this home of ours provides.

Get out while the Gettings Good

As I'm leaving my contract early I'm trying to sell some of the household goods I grabbed on the way in.  Pretty typical but I've noticed a plethora of "Leaving Sale!!!!" ads.

So whats the deal?  Is it a mad dash out of the country or what?  I couldnt find a toaster to save my life when I landed, now its a flodded market.  Did I miss something or is this just normal in Busan?

In my last few positions it was a relitivly regualr eb and flow of people leaving but this is something else.

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