butterfly festival

Ham pyung butterfly festival

I introduce Ham pyung butterfly festival

It opens Junranamdo Ham pyung and period is last april

In festival,

First we look a lot of butterfly (ex. Sulfur butterfly, Silver-studded blue )

Second This festival throw the wrestling contest

Third we can toss the butterfly

Forth we see the Korean traditional percussion quarter(사물놀이)

Five we can learn the important of the environment

Ham pyung butterfly festival demands 7000 won for adult, 5000

won for student and 3000 won for children and elderly.

If you come with more than 20 people , you can get 1000 won


This festival link : www.hampyeong.go.kr/2008_hpm/hpm13


7 Things About Korea: Festivals

More-so than anything else, Korea is a country obsessed with festivals. You'll find them for most anything - ranging from religious inspired festivals such as Seoul's Lantern Festival (for Buddha's Birthday) to debaucherous borderline orgies such as Boryeong's (in)famous Mud Festival.


While it's true that a lot of the Korean social experience seems to revolve around consuming vast quantities of alcohol and making out with your peers, there's also a lot of opportunities to get out and interact with people without the influence of alcohol. A year round calendar of festivals means that, if you're game, you'll rarely have a weekend where you won't have the option to get out of town and soak up a little bit of the local culture.


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