When I started writing about my experiences here there were only two other foreigners writing blogs in Busan as far as I'm aware and so it enjoyed a level of mild popularity by virtue of absence of choice. This led to a few invitations to appear on Korean TV and radio shows, and I was also asked to write, but always for airline magazines - perhaps their editors had correctly surmised that I work best with a captive audience.

Costco Busan!

There was a time in my life where the thought of making a day trip to Costco would have been met with a laugh and a face smack. But, those days are gone….long gone…so gone in fact that Nicole and I actually left a beach party early just so we knew we would have enough time to slowly peruse each and every aisle of the wholesale shopping uberstore.

Located not far from centum city but in a very odd backstreet part of town, the Costco logo drew nearer to us on our cabby’s gps and so did our excitement…no really, its not fluff, we were amped. Look, i’m legit amped here.

Under Siege: Come On! Come On!

I’m alone in the apartment and receive a call from an unknown number on my mobile. I don’t answer it because my son has only slept 30 minutes all morning, he’s just woken up, and I’m desperate to get him back to sleep again so I can do something productive in the little time this will afford me. To this end, I’m walking circles around our lounge with him in a sling on my back, which is the only way of getting him to sleep, at all, ever.

The same number phones again exactly one minute later. This time I answer it, because it's entirely possible that it might be important.

Interview: Amy Jackson President of AMCHAM

As president of the American Chamber of Commerce in Korea, Amy Jackson brings with her an utterly impressive resume of international experience. She talks with Haps about the Chamber’s role in Korea and gives her take on the recently passed American-Korean FTA, the need for more transparency in Korean business, the expanding role of women in the workplace and more.

KAs@Work: Jack Kim of Benelab

Korean American teenager starts nonprofit startup,

David Choe to become one of the richest street artists in the world

Hyundai’s Hyun Jeong-eun ranked on Financial Times’ Top 50 Women in World Business list

KSEA’s ‘Innovative Minds Endless Possibilities’ Business Venture Challenge (up to $10,000 prize!)

KAs@Work: Christina Kang of Paradigm Art Company

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