A lovely day trip to Petite France and Nami Island (Namiseom) in Korea.

Although Petite France Village and Nami Island are known as two of the most popular travel destinations in Korea, it’s not easy to get around the places when you actually want to visit, especially for foreigners without a vehicle to move freely.

One of the best and the most convenient ways to reach these places is to take a package trip available out there, which offers a hassle free tour. We’ll show you around how we got to visit and enjoy the attractions! We guarantee you this will be the most thorough review of the day trip adventure. 

(Visited & written by Yoonhee C.)

First, there are two options for departure: Seoul Train Station (Line 1) or Hongik University Station (Line 2).

The Maoul Bus*

I walked up and down the street looking for the bus stop on the opposite side of the street. Where I was going was only four stops away in that direction, but I soon realised that the bus only went in the opposite direction, which left me a good fifteen stops away. I bit the […]


by Ray Hyland

For as long as I’ve been a resident of dear Dunboyne, there has been a tenuous but definite link back into Dublin City. An artery if you will, which pumps from the heart of the City Centre back to the edge of the old green belt.

I’d guess I’ve been on the 70 bus or one of its variants at least 5000 times since 1985 or ‘86.Probably more actually. I remember all subtle route changes. Did you know its original terminus was just by the Ha’penny Bridge beside an old carpet shop? From there it would wrap around to Liffey Street back onto Lower Abbey Street, pass the old O’Connor’s denim shop ( complete with weird mural that nobody remembers) back onto Capel Street, over Grattan Bridge and back to the still familiar route.

The Law of ‘Different Returns’


Last night, I took the small No. 15 bus from the main road near my school to the stop closest my apartment, near the Abientot bakery, by the 24-hour restaurant I’ve bought the cheapest kimbap from (but, to be honest, the place near my school selling them for 800 won more is better. More guts, less rice). 

Philippine Buses Offer Free WiFi


Oops, I Got Lost Again!

Thursday’s Bus Strike in South Korea

On May 17, 2012, bus drivers in Seoul held a rally to ask for better working conditions and more benefits from the government. They displayed banners which read, “Higher salary”.

Sharing the Secret

Sometimes I get the overwhelming feeling to yell out to everyone, or anyone who will listen, "YOU"RE MISSING IT"!  It's like I have a secret that I want to share so badly with everyone, and it's all flying by out the window

This usually happens when I travel. This recent trip from Busan to Andong did it to me again.  I wish I could share the heart-bursting joy of the perfect beauty I find as my bus speeds northward.  I wish it could radiate out of me so others could feel it too.   While most people are lulled to sleep by the rocking of the bus or watching TV on their phones, it feels like I'm the only one who really sees it.

I feel so full of glee seeing cities of neon tucked in by lush green mountains.  Palpitations and giddiness buzz inside me from the blend of grays and greens and the mist, of the low fields' perfect geometry marching to meet the mountainous tangles. 

Planes, streetcars and automobiles

The past few weeks have been hectic to say the least. Here’s a round-up of some of the things we’ve seen and done.

Income and Expenses of an ESL Teacher in South Korea

Before I came to Korea, I always wondered what the real financial situation would be like.  I heard varying stories, but by and large I always heard that people could live cheaply and save some money.  Now that I'm closing out my first year I can actually speak to what income and expenses for the average ESL teacher will be like.  I also made a 2 part video on my Youtube Channel that also breaks down the basics of what my own personal finances are like.

Your Income:

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