Bubbas: Dalmaji

Having Friday free, we decided to head up Dalmaji to see the newly bloomed Cherry Blossoms. It was a beautiful day, and brunch was sounding a fantastic idea. We had a recommendation from a friend to try Bubbas, a fantastically situated brunch café perched right atop the hill. According to their menu they have four locations around Busan, including one in Marine City. Valet parking was free for two hours when we went, which was a nice touch.

The first thing that impressed me about Bubbas was the scale of the dining area. Food is ordered at the bar, a compact corner, which leaves the majority of the restaurant free for seating. There’s a wide range of seating options, from stools at breakfast bars to comfortable lounge chairs and sofas. We chose some relaxing seats at the wide open windows, overlooking Dalmaji. As you can see from the photos, the views are impressive. So far, so good.

Charlie Brown Cafe PNU


Seoul Food: Comfort Food and Cold Cuts at Suji's

Sometimes, you just need Mom's cooking. When living abroad, however, such a thing is usually unobtainable. Enter Suji's, one of Seoul's most talked about dining establishments, that serves up 'the next best thing to Mom's home cooking.'

Suji's was founded in 2005 by Suji Park and was originally intended to be an eatery for expats wanting a taste of home. Inspired by the corner delis of New York City, Suji's was (and continues to be) a respite from bibimbap and kimchi. With an extensive menu of delectable deli meats and a number of American brunch items, it didn't take long for Suji's to expand, opening a number of other branches, including two in Tokyo, Japan. But that was only the beginning.

Brunch @ Queen's Park, Cheongdam, Gangnam.

This Saturday morning I met up with a friend of mine to combine two of my favourite things, brunch and Queen's Park restaurant. The restaurant opens at 10.30 at the weekend and serves a lunch and brunch menu that's separate from their dinner menu.

There's plenty of options like french toast, pancakes, quiche, eggs Benedict and 'British breakfast', although it doesn't take a Brit to be able to tell this isn't a very authentic 'British' breakfast, it includes french fries of all things!

This restaurant is one of my favourite choices in Seoul, the restaurant itself is modern and elegant inside. It has a fresh bakery area and a small deli/salad counter. You can take out from both of these or choose items to have in the restaurant.

Nuvola Brunch Cafe


Nuvola Brunch Cafe
Kyungsungdae, Busan
Great breakfast food, very reasonable prices, laid back atmosphere
Open for brunch
   Weekdays: 10:00~23:00
    Weekend: 13:00~23:00

Birthdays, Babies, Brunch and Busan

I turned 27 late last month. I remember when I was around 8 years old, I couldn't wait to be a year older. Back then it always seemed that birthdays were an eternity away. Then as you get older you wish they'd stop coming so often. My personal theory is that although time is constant, our comprehension of it changes as we get older. When we're young, our brains are constantly processing so much brand new information that the experience of living seems to drag on forever. But after we've been around for a while, we get used to the same old stuff so our brain ignores a lot of things and time speeds up.

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