Should Jeju Build An Underwater Train Tunnel To Solve Flight Problems?

After high winds & the biggest snowfall in three decades canceled flights & stranded thousands of passengers at Jeju’s only airport in January, an old but still untested idea resurfaced. Could problems related to weather delays & increasing travel to Jeju Island be solved by an underwater train tunnel? Korea FM spoke with Kojects construction & urban development writer Nikola Medimorec & Jeju Tourism Organization representative James Shin to find out.

Stones in the Riverside

Stones in the Riverside

this stones in riverside, located in wolgot, siheung city, gyeonggi do

Sungsan Bridge

Sungsan Bridge

sungsan bridge, is  beautyful  bridge ,located in  Yangwa dong Seoul , 

Kayang Bridge

Kayang Bridge

this image  is Kayang Bridge,  standing in HanganRiver


Nurimaru Sunset

Nurimaru Sunset

The sun sets over the city and Gwangan Bridge, Nurimaru APEC House, Hauendae-gu. This particular image is a 6-piece panorama stitched together with Photomerge.

Troubled Water

The Busan MiRun 2014


A few times a year, Busan city does something amazing. It closes down it’s famous Gwangali Bridge to cars and allows people to walk across it or in this case “run” across it. The ADIDAS MiRun is a yearly race that is open to all (if you pay the entrance fee) and allows competitors to run around the Gwangali area.


Busan Harbour Bridge

busan harbour bridge-8

A while ago I went out to see the new Busan Harbour Bridge that is in the final stages of completion. It was a walking event that was supposed to finish at 5 pm but on the day that I arrived they decided to closed early. Not a smart move for what could be a once in a lifetime event for some. At anyrate, I stayed around the gate to see if a riot would break out as there were many angry people arguing to get on the bridge. The security guards were not pleased at all.

Yangsan Sky Bridge

We’re very lucky to live in Yangsan, a beautiful suburb north of Busan. We’re surrounded by mountains, friendly people, and most recently a SUBWAY (sandwiches), which basically sealed the deal that we live in the best place in Korea. ;) We love going on walks and utilizing all of the walking paths that line the river running through the city. This day was a gorgeous Sunday, so we finally decided to check out one of the many bridges along the river! This one looks like a swan from far away, and also does a light/water show at night that we’ll have to check out sometime. For now, enjoy the video! :)

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