Boseong Green Tea Plantation Light Festival (보성차밭 빛축제), December...

Morning Mists

Morning Mists

After hitchhiking to Daehan Dawon during the early hours of an autum morning, I set up and captured the fabled mists of Boseong. This wasn't my only attempt at the shot, the weather let me down on the other occasions; and so it was incredibly gratifying to finally get the shot I envisaged.

Away from the Tourists

Away from the Tourists

Lugging my gear out of the park and off into the serenity of the surrounding hills of Boseong, South Korea was the perfect decision. Much as the tourist-friendly section of Daehan Dawon Green Tea Plantation is beautiful in its own right, eschewing the well trodden track meant I could watch the light fade out uninterrupted.

Tea Time and Sea Roads Shake Up Someone’s Same-Old Syndrome

A girl sitting two rows behind lightly gasped as our bus passed through the rural western Korea town.

“That house looks like it came from somewhere in America,” she said of the single-family dwelling, an odd sight if an expat spends the entirety of their time here somewhere where such things rarely exist, like Seoul, Busan or pretty much any of this country’s metropolises.

Her astonishment made me smile. She’s likely not been in Korea long, at least not long enough to have seen that single-family houses in Korea exist, even if their apartmentalized counterparts outnumber them by perhaps 5,000,000 to one–kind of how waygookin sometimes feel outnumbered by their Korean overlords.

But, they exist. It was about a year ago that I, too, stared dumbfounded on Gadeok Island, during my first visit to Soyang Orphanage.

A Traveling Weekend! The Sea Parting Festival and Tea Fields of South Korea

This past weekend has been pretty busy too, but I’ve taken a lot of pictures don’t worry! First, we traveled by bus, about five hours, to the Jindo Sea Parting Festival. Here we go again:

Someone loves stuffed animals.

Someone loves stuffed animals.

They sell coconuts here!

They sell coconuts here!

Green Tea and Fresh Air in Boseong (보성)

This past weekend a few friends and I went to the tiny little town of Boseong (보성) to go to the stunning green tea fields.  Now from Busan it's a bit of a trek.  By bus it takes 3 hours each way and the two morning buses leave at 6:30 and the next not until 9:40 from Sasang.  You could go to somewhere nearby and then transfer, but we went the more direct route.  The last bus of the day leaves really early at 5:40 so you either have to have a jam packed day like we did, or spend the night.  It's a small town, so maybe if you went somewhere else close by for the next day it would be a better plan. 

Destination: a KTX trip – tea fields in Boseong and rail-biking in Gokseong (Jeollanam-do)

There are quite a few ‘KTX Tours’ available – typically one- or two-day trip offering to whisk you away to sights around the country using Korea’s fast train service. While the KTX train didn’t take us all the way to our first destination, the chartered bus took us the rest of the way.

Road to Yulpo

I left Cherry Love Motel around 11 – my lodging for the night after the long bus ride from Seoul where I got a glimpse of what it must feel like to have a career as a high class escort in Korea.  These ‘Love Motels’ are everywhere; you can rent by the hour or pay for a full night and it is completely anonymous – they take no names or personal information at the counter.  Cases of infidelity aside, the story is that since Koreans live at home with the family until marriage there is no place for such unmentionable activity that was implied by the “gift bag” I received at this particular motel, so they have to take it elsewhere.  Love Motels are a great place to crash for the night while traveling as they are relatively cheap an

Island Hop



It’s nearing 3 a.m. here in Busan, and my bags, books, and beach mat are almost fully packed.  Five months after landing in Korea, and immediately embarking on a full-time, Monday-Friday gig teaching short-vowel sounds to tykes– the week-long summer vacay has arrived.  About a month ago I splurged on The Rough Guide to Korea (I highly recommend) and have enjoyed every second getting lost in its maps, descriptions, and region-by-region highlights.  In the end, deciding how best to spend eight days cruising around the country wasn’t hard–I’m an island girl at heart.


Boseong, Yulpo Beach - Yulpo Haesu Nokcha Tang

This one is a little secret on the coast just south of Boseong. If you want to see some green in Korea, you must visit the green tea fields (녹차밭) near Boseong. Then you can take the same city bus farther south to Yulpo beach. The beach was on the small side, a bit grey and full of shells. Maybe not so good for swimming, but then again, I was there last weekend - before bikini season had begun.

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