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Agree with Heinlein’s ‘Citizens vs. Civilians’? then this US Military History is for you: Book Review


I was asked by a participating member of the H-Diplo/ISSF network to review The American Culture of War. Here is the original link to my review, but it’s off in some far corner of the internet, so I thought I’d repost it here.

Guest Post: Dave Kang: “Is America Listening to its East Asian Allies?”

Photographically Speaking by David duChemin

While travelling back to my hometown of Brandon, Manitoba, I was craving some reading material.  It was a long flight over to Canada with the batteries of my iPhone being killed on the first leg from Korea to China. At any rate, I was looking for something to keep me going on the return leg of my journey.

At any rate, I found myself at a bookstore looking at this beautifully made (and written) book by David duChemin. This book is not cheap by any stretch of the imagination, unless you go to university and then it is pretty much standard. Coming in at $49.34 (CDN) this book is an investment and one that I gladly paid at the time.

Book review: The Dog Farm – David S. Wills


Book review: Dispatches from the Peninsula, by Chris Tharp

Chris Tharp of Busan Haps fame tells all in his newest autobiographical tale!

Book review: Wild Korean (야생 한국어) – Sanghyun Ahn

Stop being stuck at the basic level.

Calling itself “A Fieldguide to Real Korean Conversation”, Wild Korean promises to get you conversational by the time you’re finished with the textbook. While my own book, Korean Made Easy, teaches you enough to get started and make your way around, I was delighted to hear about Wild Korean. Kudos to Ahn Sang-hyun for writing it and Jo-Anna Lynch over at The View From Over Here for her role as editor.

Review: The Ultimate Tech Guide for Travelers – Anil Polat

If you’re traveling anywhere in the world, tech likely travels with you. Where can you get internet access, and how can you ensure your data stays safe? What about encryption, using Tor, wiping your data remotely if your device is stolen, and a hundred other things?

Book review: Baekdudaegan Trail - Hiking Korea's Mountain Spine (Seoul Selection)

Along much of Korea's eastern coast is an unexplored treasure - a mountain ridge that extends 1,400 kilometers (457 miles) from near the southern shores to the northernmost parts of North Korea. About 735 of those kilometers are walkable within South Korea - and yes, the two main authors hiked the whole thing in about 70 days. Written by Roger Shepherd and Andrew Douch with help from Korean mountain expert and professor David A. Mason, the book took two years to put together after the trek.

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