Beomosa Monks! @ The 7th Busan International Tea Cultural Festival Day 1

Busan Tea and Craft Fair

Drop by while you can! The Bi-annual Busan Tea & Craft Fair is on at BEXCO. Interestingly enough it coincides with the Cafe Fair also going on at BEXCO. However, unless you are going to join a coffee franchise I suggest you drop by the Tea & Craft fair: Theres lots of stuff you can buy for your home or as gifts !

PNU's 차밭골Teahouse

 PNU's ChaBatGol teahouse is always busy as it is popular with PNU students and staff. The name means tea tree-field village and it is really easy to find. 
To get there just go right up infront of PNUs main gate. On the right there is a huge shopping center. To the left is a smaller street with foodstands.

Break me a cake as carefully as you can...

As I have recently learned, here is how you break off bits from your Pu'er teacake. There is such a thing as a teaknife but you can use either a paring knife (as I am using here at home) or a letter opener. The point is to break off bits slowly and carefully. Do see the video below.

A basic Pu'er 보이차

A cheap basic boey

I bought a basic boey tea round at a teashop in Nampodong. Will post tasting notes once I start it.
I also bought an odd one called "홍화차" or red flower tea at the same place. Not exactly sure what the flower is but will find out in due course.

The Zen thing that is 보이차 (Boey Cha)

In Korean 보이차 (Bo-E-cha) is the most common tea of teahouses and teashops in Busan. However, in Chinese and English it is called Pu-erh tea. Information on it can be found here:
 Wikipedia: Pu-erh_tea

 When you should find yourself in a teahouse you can use your magic 주새요 (Jewsayoh) and order Boeycha i.e: Boeycha Jewsayoh, (cha is Korean for tea). or Boeycha Hana Jewsayoh for one boeycha. They will bring over a fine collection similar to what is pictured here along with some hot water.

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