How to become Love Birds in Han River Park.

Have you ever been to Han river? with whom? It’s pretty known that Han river is one of the best places to go on a date!

It is romantic enough to just walk along the river with your lover but there are also special activities which will make your love bigger. :p

I love you…for sentimental reasons♡

Here are Top 6 Things you can do in Han River Park with your lover.

A Ferry to the Oryukdo Islands

Korean Folklore

We first spotted the Oryukdo Islands toward the end of our hike down the coast of Igidae Park. A string of rocky and uninhabited landmasses, these islands are the most notable feature along Busan’s coastline. In order to get a better look, we took an evening ferry trip which looped around them.

new traditions

Let's hop on a boat and head into town stopping at ancient temples along the way, with a colorful group of new friends and watch the spectacular fireworks over the Bangkok skylne from the best seat in the city. Sounds like a NYE that will not soon be forgotten.

Udo's finest sailing vessel & a view of the Seongsan Illchubang.

Sea of Reeds

Last month I was supposed to take a cruise on the pirate ship,...

Last month I was supposed to take a cruise on the pirate ship, Nurimaru. It takes about 120 minutes and sails to Oryuk Islets and Gwangan Bridge, among other areas. For 19,500₩, it sounds like an awesome idea, right?

Except I was too damn lazy to make it to the station in time to find the boat. I did make it to Gwangan bridge in time to see the boat cruise by though. Life is funny that way. Look at my awesome hot pink sweatpants and lounge wear. Obviously, I am ready to feed my face.

I went to Taejongdae and took a ferry ride around the island...

I went to Taejongdae and took a ferry ride around the island with two Korean friends. They looked confused when I started singing The Lonely Island’s I’m On A Boat. “Like Kevin Garnett, anything is possible” did not translate over very well. 


 Anyone know how to go about getting a fishing boat and a captain to go out for a night of fishing in Busan? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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