Golden Moments in Busan

Hostels in Busan


Golden dragons, Lady Gaga knockoffs and… Mike getting eaten by a shark?! A walk around Busan is nothing if not consistently entertaining. Besides bizarre city scenes, this photo set includes a lot of shots which highlight Busan’s connection with the sea.

Review: Seoul Encyclopedia Show

Author's note: a version of this article appears in September 2010's printed edition of the Groove. All photos below are my own, and may differ from the printed article.

"I want to sweatf*ck your talisman," goes one saucy line. Mere minutes later, we watched an animation of a innocuous-looking balloon beating the crap out of a little kid. Not long after that, a guy covered in black and white plant began laboriously lifting rocks via a contraption involving strings and carabiners. Not only did the audience react positively, they enthusiastically applauded all three acts.

What the talisman is going on here?

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