Beomosa temple

Beomosa Temple Stay


When I got asked to shoot Beomosa Temple for an upcoming article in Seoul Magazine, I was really excited. Mostly because I love Beomosa and the other reason was that I really wanted to see what goes on at a temple stay which was the focus of the article. Temple stay programs are a unique way to experience temple life. However, most of the people that I asked about these programs either hated them or did them as a one off thing.


Extra Long Weekend- Yippppppeeeeeeee

As it is Lunar New Year our school was closed and we got not one but TWO extra days off. So it was a four day weekend whoop whoop! Myself, David, Amanda and Brandon decided to spend it exploring Busan. We are all trying to be healthy at the moment so we decided to go for a hike and try and be healthy the entire weekend.

We left our village, Gyeseong on Friday evening and took the bus from Changnyeong to Busan. We headed straight to Nampodong as we were staying in a hostel here. We decided to stay in Apple Guest House for two nights as it was in a good location and was great value for money.

Apple Guest House

A Long and Beautiful Climb

Begin your ascent up any South Korean mountain, and within seconds you’ll witness the barrage of outdoor wear that paints the trails in this small but peak-filled nation–a head-to-toe ensemble of high-performance boots, quick-dry long sleeves, loose-fit rain-resistant pants, form-fittting day packs, ultra-wide visors, and professional light-weight walking sticks that could tame an Andes summit.  It’s a uniform worn by almost every Korean who sets foot on a hill.  It’s a commitment to the journey.  It’s the gear of champions.  Koreans, I have learned, like to get their hike on. 



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