Would you like to play any instruments on the stage ?

Eric's Bar has a stage where you are welcome to show off any of your musical talents to your friends. Every Friday we have a Jam day and anybody can join. Bar is located at Bundang, near Miguem Station. On the stage, Rivers-9 Drum set, Fender Blues Jr tube amplifier and Ampeq bass guitar amplifier are prepared. 

Bring the guitars and join us.

See the Business Listings menu to get more information about this bar. 

Band Ryeong Gyo (밴드 령교) Album Release Show

This is a Busan band that I just happened to stumble across on youtube. I’d never heard of them or seen them before but it seems they have quite a following and their sound is unique and fresh. They are called Band Ryeong Gyo… quite a mouthful for western tongues, and quite an earful too. This might be too obscure a reference: If anyone remembers the electronic rock band Defector Frequency a few years ago… they sound like that but cooler. I can say that because Defector Frequency doesn’t exist anymore… and that isn’t cool at all.

Keyboardist / singer wanted - electronic / (a little rock)/ dance band

Hey all, my friends and I are starting a new band and need some people! Since rock bands are a dime a dozen, we want to do something fun that gets some booties shaking in the bars, something fun that makes people jump up and dance. That's where you come in.

We need a keyboard / synth player! Right now we have bass, drums, and guitar, lacking the key ingredient for dance music.

We also need a singer. Me (the bassist) and the guitarist can both sing backup but have no experience or skill or guts to be a front-man for the band. If someone can play keys and sing, that'd be sweet. If not, then two people will be good too.

Besides that, we're open to the idea of an emcee / rapper to join us. I haven't seen that done much around here, but why the hell not

We like to have fun more than practicing scales, so we aspire to have some crowd hype-people and one of us might wear some pink tights at a gig.

HBC Fest – A grainy and blurred photographic reflection

Yesterday was, of course, the HBC Fest. It was very colourful, especially if you consider the busfuls of cops that turned up to help us out with crowd control. It’s good to see that our taxes are eventually getting their money’s worth, especially when it comes to the 5-O. Anyway, I’m sure that the prominence of the cops has well advertised on the Korean blogosphere. This suits this post perfectly as I don’t intend on sharing any pictures of the cops – although I did see one great picture of some guy standing in and helping out the cops as crowd control which was hilarious… Anyway more about the cops later…

Pinnacle and the Antidote: the sickness and the cure

Don’t come to a Pinnacle and the Antidote show if you’re not ready to get your mind blown. Seriously – if all you’re looking for is some band to play in the background while you sweet talk that cute girl at the bar, you’ll be catching that taxi home by yourself. It’s usually an exaggeration to say the entire place is watching the band – this time around, all eyes face front and most heads bob in time. With lyrics such “I’m a negro wit’ an ego the size of Danny Devito” and “I make a great Kool Aid / but you gon’ hate my punch”, Pinnacle is proof that clever lyrics trump expletives every time.

Interview: Sour Mash

Author's note: A version of this article appears in September 2010's issue of the Groove Magazine. All photos posted here are my own, and may differ from the printed article.

In case the name isn't familiar, sour mash is used as part of the distillation process for making whiskey. It's also the name of a "bluesy / jazzy / country" band here in Korea that also brags to be "boozegrass music", I got the chance to sit down with Sour Mash over some Dos Tacos and learn about their music.

Interview: Mirrorhouse (July Groove)

Author's note: A version of this article appears in the July 2010 issue of Groove Magazine. All pictures below are my own; pictures in the printed version may not be the same.

With decades of combined musical experience, this 4-piece band has been around the block and back, and just may be the next ‘big thing’ to explode onto the music scene. Although each comes from different musical styles and tastes, the whole definitely seems greater than its parts. Having closed out the Haebangchon Festival last month, and with a new CD coming out soon, I sat in at a band practice in Hongdae to learn about the guys who call themselves Mirror House.

Interview: What's up - no, really

A version of this interview was published in May 2010's issue of the Groove magazine. All photos in the printed article are Aaron Brown's; all photos below are my own.

Tuesday Night Motion

Oh, this poor blog feels like a neglected child, locked in a dingy room with a stained mattress, waiting for CPS to come take it away.

Ah hell, it gets like this sometime.

Flute player seeking music-y friends

I'm a flute player/singer moving to Busan in December. Anyone want to get together and play? I'm up for casual jamming/indie band stuff/classical music practice/whatever. (I've been playing in this band in Texas: ).  E-mail me at if you want to get together!

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