Busan to Seoul, a journey on Korea’s Cross-Country Cycling Road

22. Courtesy of a nice Korean chap

It’s 07:30 and my alarm is chirping away at me. Time to drag myself out of bed, eat breakfast in a hurry, shower and go to school. Just another work-day. But, wait! It’s Saturday, why am I up at this unwelcoming hour? That’s right, you’ve decided to spend the Chuseok public holiday cycling across a whole country…

1. Eulsukdo the journey begins...

Book review: Baekdudaegan Trail - Hiking Korea's Mountain Spine (Seoul Selection)

Along much of Korea's eastern coast is an unexplored treasure - a mountain ridge that extends 1,400 kilometers (457 miles) from near the southern shores to the northernmost parts of North Korea. About 735 of those kilometers are walkable within South Korea - and yes, the two main authors hiked the whole thing in about 70 days. Written by Roger Shepherd and Andrew Douch with help from Korean mountain expert and professor David A. Mason, the book took two years to put together after the trek.

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