Koreaherald in Busan...anybody worked there? comments?....

Hello to all fellow teachers,


I am  looking into the Koreaherald English academy in Busan. There are two branches to my knowledge. Is or has anybody worked for them? If so, can you comment on your experience (i.e.: relationship between you and the director/other Korean staff, did they fulfill the obligations of the contract: pay on time or pay at all? vacation, etc. ).  Would you recommend Koreaherald?


Any comments or help at all would be appreciated.



In Thailand…

I have just returned from a splendid eleven day holiday in the Thailand. Whether or not I deserved it at the time is neither here nor there, I certainly feel like I deserved it now. Which is what’s important, right?

So holidays, there a pain in the tender spots for those among us who plan on being productive on them. I’m always making a mess of things by bringing too many books to read and too many aspirations for writing a few hundred thousand words, or something like that… It’s not that I don’t enjoy not doing anything, but holidays for some reason really don’t bring out the best in me in terms of being productive. Miserably cold winters are much more suitable. In fact, I believe that misery (not abject, but mild doses of the extreme first world problem variety) brings out the best in ones creativity.

Why do we Hate Christmas Songs?


Lee & No = HORRIBLE Hostel

I was going to Seoul with a girlfriend for the first time.  We chose this hostel because it got great reviews online and it looked to be a good location.

The bus we took into Seoul was delayed by several hours due to traffic... We called the hostel to let them know we would be arriving late.  They said ok, they understood, no problem.

When we arrived it was near midnight, POURING rain.  We saw a note w/ my name on the door.  First stating that they had split us up (we paid extra to be in a room together).  They also said to punch in a keycode.  Having never been to Korea before, I didn't know what that meant.  I rang the doorbell.

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