arnold kling

Negotiating With a Libertarian About Foreign Policy

Arnold Kling, whom I generally liked before this rant, takes a swipe at libertarians and “leftists”, and Will Wilkinson takes it seriously.

It seems to me that some libertarians link arms with the far left as blame-America-firsters, with scathing attacks on America’s military and its foreign policy.

The first part of Wilkinson’s response I like.

Dreaming of Tiny Banks

I’m not so lefty that I like big banks with big lobbying budgets.

Listening to Mike Konczal and Timothy Carney talk about the power of lobbyists, namely Goldman Sachs and “financialization” and financial reform, I’m just wondering if what the US needs is lobbying reform. Goldman Sachs et al are only gaming the financial system through Congress for their own designs. I also wonder if financialization, not squabbling engineers, is behind American resistance to auto mergers. Arnold Kling sounds downright utopian.

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