Criminal Background Check FAQs

fbibackgroundcheck1What’s the deal with this CRC/criminal background check? If you are an American citizen applying to EPIK, part of your application must include an apostilled FBI background check (also known as a Criminal Record Check, CRC, for non-Americans). Basically they want to make sure they’re not letting a crazy outlaw loose on the future of their country.

Worried about a traffic ticket ruining your application? Don’t stress. The only offenses that will get you denied are those related to drugs, drinking, stealing, assault, etc. All you really have to be concerned with is that the background check/CRC is issued within 6 months of your E2 Visa application date.

Apostilles: A Beginner's Guide

This column we have tried to explain just what an apostille is, when it serves a purpose (and what purpose it serves), and when you're just paying for extra paperwork.  Thanks to the Korean Herald and remember to read the disclaimer.

Apostilles: What they are, when they prove nothing


Yesterday my wife and I embarked on a foolhardy journey from Gyeongju to Pohang, driving there in our new car to get me a driver’s license from the nearest Examination Office. This trip was remarkable for numerous reasons. The first was the distance: these two cities are so close that as soon as you leave one you enter the other, and even with my wife’s studiously cautious driving we managed to get there in under half an hour. I had assumed for no good reason that the distance was greater, and that the country itself was bigger, but by having a car the distances between places shrink down considerably, to the extent that if there were a bridge built from Busan to Japan—one can only dream!—the drive would probably not exceed a couple of hours.

Apostille sevices

Hey guys!

It turns out I need another Apostille, this time for a copy of my degree. 

I don't have a lot of time, so I was going to use an Apostille service like USauthentication.com . I was wondering if anyone had any experience with them or a service similar to them!

I hear you can get something apostille within a week!

Is this true at all?

How-to teach in South Korea

Thought I would give a few pointers for people that stumble on my blog looking to move to South Korea and teach English. Remember, this is just my opinion and just one way to do it, there are endless possibilities of ways to teach and live here, do your research and figure out what's best for you!

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