Tanning in Korea - Where & how?


This is a post for the ladies. Well, perhaps for some men too. Times are changing and I know my brother for one LOVES to get his tan on! He's totally straight before you ask but these days it's becoming more and more common for men to indulge in a little beauty upkeep too. Nothing wrong with that, in fact I prefer my man not to glow in the dark.

So let's just say this is a post for the pasty people or those who fear being one, like me! :)

Being pasty in Korea can happen all too quickly. Everything is against you. A lack of outdoor space, a lack of sunshine and when it does shine it suddenly feels hotter than the dessert out there! On top of that Koreans don't mind white, in fact it sometimes seems all the beauty products are geared towards it.

Diner Pub @ Garasou Gil

If only more bars in Seoul were like this. From the outside Diner Pub looks nothing more than a shabby pub/restaurant but you'd be wrong to pass this up based on appearances. The fact that it's busy every day is proof that it's doing something right. In my opinion it's because they've found the perfect balance for a place to go hang out casually with your friends. The price is right for what you get, especially given it's in a notoriously more expensive area (Garasou Gil). The music's good and there's no pretence here. It's relaxed. I love it.


Brunch @ Queen's Park, Cheongdam, Gangnam.

This Saturday morning I met up with a friend of mine to combine two of my favourite things, brunch and Queen's Park restaurant. The restaurant opens at 10.30 at the weekend and serves a lunch and brunch menu that's separate from their dinner menu.

There's plenty of options like french toast, pancakes, quiche, eggs Benedict and 'British breakfast', although it doesn't take a Brit to be able to tell this isn't a very authentic 'British' breakfast, it includes french fries of all things!

This restaurant is one of my favourite choices in Seoul, the restaurant itself is modern and elegant inside. It has a fresh bakery area and a small deli/salad counter. You can take out from both of these or choose items to have in the restaurant.

Tapas & paella at Spain Club. Garasou Gil, Shinsa-dong, Gangnam.

This last week I went to my favorite area of Seoul, Garasou Gil. If you've been here a while you'll probably already know of the street, it's one of Seoul's most recent 'trendy up and coming' spots to visit. It's jam packed with coffee shops, perhaps more densely than anywhere else in Seoul, which is really saying something! There's also a lot of cute cafes, restaurants, bars and shops.

The shops are mainly independent small boutique like shops but in the last year the streets increasing popularity has lead to the arrival of some chain retailers popping up. This applies to the food places too.
Although I could talk for a long time about all the shopping to be done here I'm going to do that in another post in the coming weeks. This last visit was mainly about food you see. I went there with a friend who wanted to try the Spanish restaurant I'd told her about.

Fine Dining at Gourmet Eo - Cheongdam, Gangnam

One of my favorite restaurants in Seoul is Gourmet Eo. It provides a relaxed yet beautifully refined dining experience and is actually pretty good value for money especially when compared with some of the other fine dining offerings in Seoul.

Ganga - Authentic indian food fix

On Thursday evening in the pouring rain I decided to venture out for some indian food. There's a number of Indian restaurants that have sprung up around Seoul in the past few years. I have two favorites - Ganga and Dal - because the food's delicious, the settings are nice and there's always a good atmosphere.
I don't know why but every now and then I get a really big craving for Indian food. So anyway, this time I headed to Ganga.

Life in Korea: Halloween

Author's note: A early version of this article appears in the October 2010 issue of the Groove Magazine. This version should be considered more complete and up-to-date due to the early print deadline.

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