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Last year, thanks to the support of many of you here, we were able to fund and create my first two books, "Korean Made Simple" and its sequel. Since then I've been hard at work on the third, and final installment in the book series - "Korean Made Simple 3: Continuing your journey of learning the Korean language." You can check out the Kickstarter project by clicking on that link.

Here are just a few of the things that you'll find in this book:

Download the audio content for “Korean Made Simple” for free!

Those of you who backed the original Kickstarter campaign for “Korean Made Simple” last year in February for the first book (and also the campaign for the sequel) know that one of my original goals was to create high quality audio files, recorded by native speakers, to go along with the lesson material. Even though we didn’t reach the bonus goal to commission audio files, I’ve been hard at work doing them anyway.

Korean Made Simple 2 Kickstarter

Korean Made Simple Kickstarter

August 18th, a life changer

August 18th is the 230th day of the year.

According to Wikipedia:

  • It was also the day helium was discovered.
  • Edward Norton, Patrick Swayze, Christian Slater, and G-Dragon were born.
  • Its National Science Day in Thailand.

According to Yahoo, it is also

  • Bad Poetry Day
  • Ice Cream Pie Day
  • Mail Order Catalogue Day
  • Self Serve Ice Cream Day (why so much ice cream?)

According to daily horoscopes, mine as a Gemini reads:

Gender Advertisements in the Korean Context (Version. 4.0!)

As promised, here is the latest version of the lecture that has kept me so busy recently, which I’ll be delivering for a fourth time at Sejong University tomorrow. Any comments or suggestions would be most appreciated.

Also, as the friend I’m staying with ironically has to come down to Busan on the very weekend I’m coming up to Seoul, then I’ll be free all Sunday, and so was planning to spend much of it looking pretentious in coffee shops, then going to Kyobo and What The Book – after all, what else is there to do in a city of 24.5 million people? But if any readers are free though, and would like to have a coffee or something in the Itaewon or Jongno areas, then please give me a buzz!


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Girls’ Generation? Gender, (Dis)Empowerment and K-pop


Apologies for the slow posting and unanswered emails everyone, but as this post goes up I’ll be en route to the Korean Pop Culture Conference 2011 at the University of California, and preparing for the trip has taken a lot more work than I expected.

The Grand Narrative’s Facebook Page Launched!^^

Gender Advertisements in the Korean Context: Download

(Sources: SeoulBeats & personal scan)

Welcome Busan National University students, and please click here for the PowerPoint presentation that accompanies my guest lecture next week. I look forward to meeting you!

Growing up Adopted: Asian Premiere Production of “Between”

A one-woman show about adoption by Amy Mihyang, Between:

…encapsulates her experiences as a Korean American woman, a New Yorker, and most of all, a transracial adoptee. Bringing the audience with her on the plane en route from NYC to Korea, the author contrasts her journey with the echoes of other adoptees and those touched by the act of adoption.  Mihyang makes us ask ourselves, “Do we need to know where we came from in order to know where we’re going?”

And as The Korea Herald describes her performance:

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