Ox: Smoke and Grill

American BBQ seems to be taking off in Korea! In Seoul there are several restaurants, including the excellent ‘Linus’ and ‘Manimal’, to name a couple. In Busan we have the fantastic ‘Haeundae Smokehouse’, and now, the new kid on the block….literally.

‘Ox: Smoke and Grill’ is situated in the heart of Haeundae, just a few minutes’ walk from the subway station, in a tight cluster of streets full of restaurants, love motels and Hotels. The restaurant itself is on the ground floor of the Industries Hotel. You can view their Facebook page here.

The interior is light and airy. Cool, grey tiled floors and imposing white marble table tops greet you as you walk in. The banquette seating is plush and black, with modern art installations on the walls. All-in-all a classy, contemporary vibe has been achieved.

Bubbas: Dalmaji

Having Friday free, we decided to head up Dalmaji to see the newly bloomed Cherry Blossoms. It was a beautiful day, and brunch was sounding a fantastic idea. We had a recommendation from a friend to try Bubbas, a fantastically situated brunch café perched right atop the hill. According to their menu they have four locations around Busan, including one in Marine City. Valet parking was free for two hours when we went, which was a nice touch.

The first thing that impressed me about Bubbas was the scale of the dining area. Food is ordered at the bar, a compact corner, which leaves the majority of the restaurant free for seating. There’s a wide range of seating options, from stools at breakfast bars to comfortable lounge chairs and sofas. We chose some relaxing seats at the wide open windows, overlooking Dalmaji. As you can see from the photos, the views are impressive. So far, so good.

Sneak Peek Korea – Halloween Madness!

Sneak Peek Korea is a video series in which I made videos into all the extra footage I get that doesn’t make it into a proper video, and is largely unedited! I film a lot of my life and want to share as much as I can with you, because you seem to like it! :) Before I would just scrap extra footage I didn’t think was good enough for it’s own video, but I hope to instead provide little sneak peeks of my life in Korea, unscripted. Let me know in the comments if you enjoy these kinds of videos!

The Best Night At The Beastro


Delicious food, good service, weird cocktails and free wine? Yes please. Where do you go to get these things? The Beastro Restaurant in Seoul, my new favourite place.

American looking for Korean Buddies

Hello, I am an American English teacher in the USA looking for Korean friends. I like meeting people from around the world. My Skype is kenneth.fach, and my website is . South Korea is a fascinating region of the world, and although I have friends in other parts of the world, having lived in Paraguay, Mexico and Germany, I have very few friends from South Korea.

Gareth….the North American.

I feel the need to write a blog entry on two things; the fantastic weekend I have just had and the noticeable North American influence on my life.

I had an incredibly action packed weekend. I didn’t have any definite plans or anything that stood out as an exceptional event, but just some tentative plans based around the turbulent weather.

Gold Wings English School

Gold Wings English School offers one-on-one and small class instruction in English grammar, presentation, reading, testing, and conversation.  We employ both native Korean and English speakers.  We also utilize Skype for distance classes.

We can tailor classes for higher-level English instruction, such as English literature, essay writing, and business conversation.

Please visit us at our website - - for additional information.

An American Korean: Small Cultural Differences

I love being a Korean-American.

I feel I have the best of both worlds. 
I’m an American Girl, but my Korean cultural ties are a huge part of who I am.
Last year, I befriended some typical All-American guys from my apartment and met many American people through work and play.

I always thought I was very “American”… but I realized that there are a few big differences that perhaps Koreans could learn from.

American Missive

Here I am in Seattle, at the end of a one month jaunt in America. It's been a time, jumping back and forth between Olympia and Seattle and other points in between, eating, drinking, camping, fishing and commiserating with friends and family. I have one more day before I slink back on the plane to the humid, garlic and anchovy reeking environs of the Korean Peninsula.

I have much to write and report on. Things have been quiet here during this trip, as I chose to live more in the real world than in internet land (facebook notwithstanding), but there is plenty to digest and spew upon this here aging and creaky journal.

Stay tuned.

=== Let's watch Worldcup games tonight&Party tomorrow night ===

Thursday, June 17, 2010 - 20:00

=== Let's watch Worldcup games at LZONE ===
* 1 Free drink(Cocktail, Beverage, bottled beer)
* All-you-can-drink draft beer
* Snack

* Place : Lzone at Kyungsung.Pukyung University station
* Time&Date : at 8 pm, June 17
* Ticket : 10,000 won

You will have a lot of fun with the best atmosphere of WORLDCUP!!!!

♥ LZONE Friday Party tomorrow night ♥

- International Party at LZONE -
LZONE Party with International friends.

♥ PaRtY Every Friday night at LZONE ♥

* Entry Ticket : 10,000 won(1 Free Drink + All-you-can-drink Draft Beer + Snack)
----!!!! Unlimited draft beer up to 100 L !!!!----

---!!! Language Studies in LZONE(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish and French) ---

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