Soju in a Juice Box! Taste Test

Alcohol comes in many wonderful forms in Korea, but there’s nothing more Korean than soju! According to the Guardian, soju is now the most popular booze in the world! In honor of this crowning achievement we decided to film a video featuring soju in my favorite form…a juice box! Watch in wonder as we drink hard liquor with a cute pink straw. :)

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Why Drunk Ajossis Scare Me

My husband always tells me not to get involved in other people’s business, especially among Koreans.

Weekend Makgeolli Course in English!

MMPK is pleased to announce a very special event coming up next weekend.  Instead of our regular meeting, we will be teaming up with our expat brewing instructors Becca Baldwin & Dan Lenaghan, Muldwinda, Susubori, Chez Mak, and the Makgeolli Bar Association to offer a weekend course to learn all things makgeolli!  This is the first event of its kind, and we are thrilled to be able to put together such an awesome program.  Here is an overview of what is on offer:

Makgeolli Festival Roundup 2013

It’s that time of year when  we start seeing some excellent makgeolli festivals pop up for us to taste at and partake in.  It can be hard to know exactly when these things emerge until it’s too late, so here is a wrap up of what we know is going on.  We have our ears to the ground and we will be updating here when we get any new information about makgeolli events coming up.


Ilsan Makgeolli Festival

Makgeolli School – An Adventure in Tasting

Rating and Opening

A while ago our MMPK staff and a few die-hard makgeolli lovers got together for a night of education and tasting wonderment.  We wanted to improve our own knowledge of just what is out there, so we can then pass it on to our fellow Mamas & Papas.  We couldn’t have chosen a better place than Makgeolli School right near Isu station.

Makgeolli Making Class in English!!!

We frequently get asked ‘Where can we learn how to make makgeolli in English?’

Susubori Academy is a school for learning how to brew makgeolli and other kinds of Korean traditional liquors. Two expat makgeolli experts, Becca Baldwin & Dan Lenaghan, have been perfecting the art of brewing and have a wealth of makgeolli knowledge we could only dream of having. As such, we are pleased to announce that we have a special MMPK makgeolli brewing workshop taught by Dan and Becca themselves at Susubori Academy!


Here are the details for what promises to be a fun filled afternoon of makgeolli making, tasting, and enjoying.

When: August 24th, 2pm – 5pm

Where: Susubori Academy, near Chungjeongno Station (Line 2 & 5)

Registration for August 10th Meeting OPEN!!

The rains have finally cleared up, so we are looking for a terrace to enjoy our makgeolli. So for this meeting we are headed to a place in Seocho that […]

Makgeolli Cocktail File – Cherry Mak & Tonic

And that’s exactly what it is!  When browsing through the fresh food section of the supermarket, we noticed the first fresh cherries on the shelves.  So we thought, why not chop them up and put them in a makgeolli cocktail?  The result was a surprisingly delicious treat!  The bitter sweetness of the fresh cherries mixed so well with the sour makgeolli, and the tonic just gave it that edge.   After giving it a good pulse in the blender with some ice, a nice foamy head topped off a pretty awesome cocktail.

Meeting 11 – In The Alley (길목에서) Photo Gallery


For this meeting, we were personally recommended this not so well known location and we were pleasantly surprised. The makgeolli was super fresh and the food exceeded our expectations. In The Alley is a fantastic location for a rainy day makgeolli indulgence :)

Snake Makgeolli to Celebrate 2013

It’s the Chinese Zodiac Year of the Snake, and to celebrate premium makgeolli company Baehyechongdo (배헤정도) has come up with their very own ‘Snake Makgeolli’. The company started the series [...]

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