The Grand Narrative’s Facebook Page Launched!^^

Time for a Change!

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I won’t bore you with the details, but just a quick note to let you know that after receiving some atrocious service from recently, I’ve decided to host this blog myself from now on.

Yes, I’m surprised it took me so long too.

See you in Boston!

To any readers that missed it, just a quick reminder that I’ll be giving a lecture at Wellesley College in Boston this Friday!

Korean Gender Reader: Redux

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Open Thread #15: BOOKGASM

Open Thread #12 (Updated)

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Let’s try this again!

Always just an experiment really, after last week’s open thread received no comments whatsoever then I deleted it and thought I’d call it a day, but I’ve relented and decided to give the open threads one more shot: after all, all the others received many. So, if you’d like a forum to talk about virtually anything Korea-related each weekend (albeit with a preference for sociology and pop-culture), and perhaps most importantly one that is moderated also, then please do make sure to contribute this time!

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