Man of the Week: David Lee McInnis

I'm with M listing the bois she has, um, gotten to know since breaking up with her tofu boyfriend. Tofu cause he was boring. Sorry M. Thinking of all of the Kboys that have visited M's gates, I felt it was due time for a new sexy man on TKQ.

One of M's new Kboys is not so much a Kboy as a KPapa. KPapas can be sexy, right? Like super hot David Lee McInnis.

Man of the Week: Seo In Guk (서인국)

As Seo In Guk mentioned last week, when you google his name, gay comes up. That's cause not only did this guy played a gay character pining for love in K Will's music video 'Please Don't', but also the love interest of a gay character in Reply 1997. First up, the awesome music video:

Man of the Week: Jaejoong (김재중)

I got an e-mail the other day titled Hyun Bin is hot, but Jaejoong is hotter. While I don't know where my bias would lie, luckily this isn't a zero-sum game. We can just enjoy both of them.

Man of the Week: Yoon Shi Yoon (윤시윤)

A friend recommended Yoon Shi Yoon as this weeks man. What a handsome flower boy. 

Although he has that young face, he is actually a year older than me so I feel alright if I lust after him. However, I mostly just want to stare at his handsome face.

Man of the Week: Lee I-kyeong (이이경)

I've been waiting to see the new Korean queer film White Night (백야) but no English subtitles have been available. I messaged the film on twitter and got a response to hold tight, since the movie will be released with English subtitles in February.

Man of the Week: Jang Dong-gun (장동건)

As I mentioned yesterday, my couchsurfer happens to be a gay man. I asked him what kind of Korean guys he likes and he answered anyone with muscles. But if he was going to date someone, it would be actor Jang Dong-gun.

Jang Dong-gun is most well known for his films Friends and Taegkuki and was recently in a Chinese adaptation of Dangerous Liaisons.  Yum, he is aging well.

Man of the Week: Park Shi Hoo (박시후)

Man of the Week: So Ji-sub (소지섭)

34-year-old So Ji-sub is beautiful.
If you want to know more about him, read his wikipedia page. It is Friday night, so all I feel like doing is posting some pretty pictures and then going to the hill. ^^ But there are plenty of great pictures.

Man of the Week: Kim Soo-hyun (김수현)

TKQ's man of the week was suggested by my friend Jaemin; after seeing the record-breaking Thieves, Jaemin told me how handsome Kim Soo-hyun is. Really, this boy is quite the eye candy.

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