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29 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Chris in South Korea

In honor of my 29th birthday, which I celebrated on March 29th, I thought I’d mix things up and present some things I’ve never shared with my wonderful readers:

1. Although I’ve lived in Seoul in the past, I actually take an hour-long bus ride to come to Seoul these days.

2. I work with Steve the Qi Ranger.

3. I’ve been swing dancing since college, but I can’t salsa dance to save my life. Guess I’m screwed if I ever go to a Latin American club.

4. The building I work in is right next door to the building I live in – it actually takes more time going up and down the elevators than it does to walk between the buildings.

5. I really miss racquetball, but I’m terrible at tennis.

6. For shorter trips, I actually prefer the Mugunghwa (third-class) trains. The seats are more comfortable, go back further, and offer more room than the KTX.

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