In Korea

Letter from Korea, October 2013

Suwon, Korea
Ocotober, 2013

Dear Ireland,

It has been well over a month since myself, Herself, and +1 have been back in Korea, and what I expected would be my September letter got left by the wayside and is only being seen to now in October. You know you’ll get the usual excuses for not doing anything which isn’t vital to one’s survival, such as being busy with things which are vital to one’s own survival.

After two and a bit months in Ireland, returning to Korea for life, work, and more life, was less the shock we had thought it might be. A smaller home, no garden, no dog, less rain, and that view from all the way up at the top of our tower just seemed to be what was right at the time. There seems to be less culture shock the more we travel between Ireland and Korea.

♥ LZONE VaLENtine's day Party this Friday ♥

Friday, February 11, 2011 - 20:00

♥ LZONE VaLENtine's day Party this Friday ♥

- 100 Early birds can get yummy chocolates -

♥ PaRtY Every Friday night at LZONE ♥

* Entry Ticket : 15,000 won(1 Free Drink +

Free Draft Beer&Beverage + Snack)
----!!!! Unlimited draft beer !!!!----

---!!! Language Studies in LZONE(Korean,

English, Japanese, Chinese and Spanish) ---

* Date and Time : 8 P.M. ~ 12 A.M.Friday, Feb

11, 2011
* Address : LZONE Cafe 4F #58-35 Daeyeon-dong,

Nam-gu, Busan, Korea
* Location : 4th Floor, across from Thursday

Party near KyungSung University Station.

* Contact : Andy - 010-9528-2212(Available

English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and


* To see the photos of the parties
Facebook search for "LZONE CAFE"

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