A Trip To Europe


History is what it is.  I don’t dwell on the past. I do examine, and learn from it to the best of my abilities.

If you haven’t noticed by the picture, I’m going to talk about the Korean dispersion into Germany.

As an interesting fact, though, most people think Australia is all about Crocodile Dundy, Steve Irwin, kangaroos, and the outback.  Well, don’t forget, there are a lot of Germans in Australia, A LOT.  I’ve seen so many Germans in Australia that I actually can recognize the REAL English German accent.  The American movies have got it all wrong.

In any respect, off to Deutschland! (Germany in German). ✈ ✈ ✈

If you build it, they will come.


Hey guys,

The purpose of this website is to connect all the kyopos around the globe.  I want the Kyopos in the world to be aware that there are other Kyopos in other countries.  I would like to connect them to you !

I’ve been searching here and there all over the net world and have been connecting with other kyopos.

I’m not posting anything and everything I research but I have attached a link for Russians Koreans and one for Korean Americans on my home page that I thought might interest people.

There will be changes happening little by little so I am letting you know in advance.  If you’ve ever played Super Mario Brothers you’ve probably seen something like this:


It’s just THAT good.


After a long day’s work, all I want to do is eat something wholesome. Not chocolate or ice cream but actual food.

I remember coming home late at night and stuffing my face with a homemade sandwich like nobody’s business.


I’d be in the middle of this sandwich and milk, enjoying what a sandwich has to offer at 11pm at night, when I felt something was missing…

Like how Aussies love their vegemite and toast,

Los Angeles and Me


Being grown and bred from LA, I was exposed to gangsters, hippies, drugs, etc.  America’s good at exposing these things and frankly, I loved it.  Because it definitely has made me who I am today.

The first time I heard California Girls by Katy Perry somewhere in Seoul, I started screaming out of joy and started dancing!  It’s just something CA girls do, and I know other girls do it to.

Throughout my time in college, I was an environmentally conscious person, smoked weed, wore no shoes to class, and embraced being a lover of all things.  I bought some decals and cut out huge peace symbols and stuck them on my car.

I remember smoking weed with a friend while we were sitting on the grass out of an apple.

Why the interest grew


I’ve never been really interested about my Korean background, so it’s still funny that I now am dedicating part of my life to create a network of kyopos all around the world.

When I went to Korea, I always found that native Koreans were fascinated and interested in my because my American accent was, well, American.  I never understood this awe they felt for me until I met a British-Korean for the first time.  It was jaw dropping.


My little brain couldn’t even comprehend what was going on, but something started inside of me and I wanted more of it.

A space for all



I never really was into my Korean background at all.  I would’ve thought I’d make a website dedicated to kyopos but here we are.

During high school I wanted to have blue eyes, blond hair, and hated that I wasn’t born this way.  Throughout my life, I’ve been called Chinese, Japanese, or the typical ‘Asian’.  I hated being called asian, it almost sounded degrading; people would assume I played the piano well.  I played piano well because I practiced, but was quickly assured that it was because I was ‘asian’. Right.

춤과 나


원래 운동할 때마다, 춤을 꼭 추게 된다.

보통 뛰기를 하고, 다리 트레이닝도 하는데, 괜찮은 노래가 나오면, 춤을 추게 된다.

이 때가 제일 기쁘다.
추면서도, 다리, 팔 , 허리, 다 자세히 보면서 춘다.
나중에 미국에 가서 대학교에서 춤을 전공할 생각도 많이 한다.

원래 전공이 보존 생물학이었고, 환경을 너무 좋아하는 사람인데, 그만큼 춤도 너무 좋아한다.

한국에서 JYP 같은 곳에서 춤을 추는 것은 관심이 없다.

내 몸이 춤을 못 출 수 있을 때까지 출 것 같다.

Around Korea in 5 days- Day 1 Busan 부산 to Samcheok 삼척

I had done twelve day trips by motorcycle in Korea. As the end of the riding season approached I decided to do one last trip. This time I would try to go all the way around Korea. My goal was to do it in five days and for fewer than 400,000 won. I estimated it would be around 1,600 kms. I would budget 80,000 won for each day. I left Monday September 21th. I was headed up the east coast of South Korea. I was crashing on a friends couch during that time. I got up early that morning and headed out on the road. I made a wrong turn in Busan, making me head back into town. I got things straightened out and I hoped that this would not be indicative of the trip. Finally by 10:30am, Busan was fading away behind me.

Canada trip- Victoria, BC

Alright you can check out the video of my trip from Vancouver to Victoria in Canada. I spent over twelve years living in Victoria. On my time back there I realized how lucky I was to have spent the time that I did there. I still have so many good friends there. This video I decided to edit to a good friend’s music. I hope you enjoy. By the end of the day I have compiled 2-4 hours of footage on two cameras. I then cut that footage into the five minute video you see here. The video features music by James Kasper.

Canada trip- Winnipeg, Manitoba

Alright you can check out the video of my trip from Vancouver to Winnipeg in Canada. Winnipeg is the city I grew up in. When I went back I went to the Manitoba Museum, the forks, the BDI and a Winnipeg Blue Bombers game. By the end of the day I have compiled 2-4 hours of footage on two cameras. I then cut that footage into the five minute video you see here. The video features music by The Weakerthans. The song is titled “One great City”. I was in Winnipeg for my birthday and figured that being back in Canada I would finally have my name(Jeff) spelled right. Apparently I was wrong.

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