Road biking around Busan

I am wondering if anyone knows of any roads around Busan particularly good for cycling.  Searching the web, I found only one--a 40km ride from Haeundae that looks decent.  Also, does anyone know any road biking clubs or organizations in the area?  I've talked to a few bike shops and they all appear focused on mountain biking.  Much thanks for your input!

FYI, if you're a cyclist, and looking for a riding partner, please let me know.  I should mention though that I ride a tri/TT bike...

NHL playoffs

Hey, I was just wondering if anyone knows a good restaurant, pub or sports bar in Busan to watch the NHL playoffs either live or delayed is fine.


Aerial Silks?

This is random, but does anyone know if there is a place to practice Aerial Silks or Aerial Hoop in Busan?  It is like an acrobatic dance in the air that they do in the circus.

Busan Lotte Giants - 2010 Season

2011 Schedule Here

Well baseball season is almost on us again and the schedule has been published.

For the always entertaining Lotte Giants check out their website (IE recommended)

For all teams go to the KBO site and click on 경기일정

There are pre season games that are happening right now, but the season kicks of proper on Saturday 27th March.

Lotte's home game is against the renamed Heroes (Now the Nexen Heroes).

For Giants schedule in English:

Tickets can be bought at the ground before games begin. However, for the seasons early games, and subsequent games if they are doing well, at the ground tickets are difficult to get (if they are available at all).

Online ticketing is available

Awesome Yoga?

I'm looking for a awesome yoga studio. One that has lots of classes and types of yoga. Currently I'm living in Ocheonjang...and would be willing to travel a couple stops to get a good workout. Oh and I've taken Yoga in Korean before and I"m fine with it. Thanks!

Running In Busan

I am a runner in the process of moving to Busan. While I am there, I would like to train for the Busan Marathon held in November. Does anybody know of any running/trainning groups (Formal or Informal) that I can join?


Busan Bulls Rugby Team - All Are Welcome

The Busan Bulls rugby team (RFC) is looking for more men and women to get involved in the ever-growing sport of rugby here in Korea. Korean nationals and foreigners alike are encouraged to come out and have some fun with other laid-back folks who love to have a good time. No experience needed, great way to meet new people in a social atmosphere, the ability to travel around Korea for games (Seoul, Ulsan, Daegu, etc), and get fit while having a great time. Just casual games scheduled so far, so it won't be a big commitment. Enjoy the good-times culture of rugby here in Korea while the beautiful Busan sun shines. For more information, email Pete (, or visit us on facebook.

Busan Bulls RFC

Are you strong?
Then the Busan Bulls Rugby club needs YOU!
  • New rugby club starting up in Korea's second city.
  • Come and play the best game in the world!
  • All skill levels welcome, no previous experience necessary.
  • A great way to get fit and make new friends.
  • Training starts soon, Saturdays 10am
  • Drinks after training at O'Briens gaya, also social evenings, watching the Six Nations, Tri-Nations, etc.
  • Games will be played against local korean sides and expat sides around the country
  • Possiblity to tour around Asia
  • Contact for more details.
  • Facebook : Busan Bulls RFC.


Softball/baseball and volleyball

Hi! Are there any sports teams or leagues for foreigners in Busan? I know it is probably early to be asking this question, but I am very interested in joining a recreational volleyball and softball or baseball league. If you know of any, let me know!

Sports and Nutrition

 My friend and I are looking to buy some protein powder. Saw some at the GNC at Lotte but real pricey. Any chance someone has come across Muscle Milk or some other recognizable brand? Any help would be appreciated. Somewhere near Choryang dong? Thanks!

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