Boss is not paying salary

Hi guys

I used to work in an academy named <deleted by mods>, and I recently quit from the position but the boss is not giving me my salary. Does anyone know what to do in this kind of situation?

Thank for answers in advance

Have a good one

Mod Note:  Because of Korea's libel laws, we cannot allow 'names to be named' online. 



Investing Club for Expats

Investing Club for Expats

I’d like to expand my group of investing friends.

For anyone interested in long-term investing, swing trading, or day trading in securities ( stocks, bonds, ETFs), Forex, commodities, futures, or cryptocurrencies.

Anyone interested in saving, budgeting, and paying down debt.

Anyone interested in passive income from peer-to-peer lending, ecommerce, Youtube, Google Adsense,  etc.

Anyone interested in starting, funding, and growing a retirement account. 

Group will be modeled on the Leather Apron Club, a business-oriented mutual improvement club set up by Benjamin Franklin, with weekly meetings (ideally during live European/North American market hours), and the weekly agenda based on set questions such as:

1. Have you found any investing opportunity remarkable or worthy to be communicated to the club? 

lawyer service for Severance/ Gratuity pay relates issue

Hi ,

I wanted to know whether there is an lawyer service available for issues related to delayed Gratuity / Severance pay from Company.

charges for foreign credit cards

If you withdraw cash with a foreign credit card in korea do the banks charge at the atm a usuage fee? If so how much? otherwise anyone know of email addresses of bank where i can obtain the info. Different countries vary with this. thank you!

Bad Credit in Korea

I came back to Korea after being gone for 10 months. I tried to get a phone and plan but was refused. The vendor told me that my credit "was not good," and he could not issue me a phone. He was unable to give me any more details about it.

I was freaking out, I've never had a credit card and have never borrowed money in Korea.

After some thinking I believe I have pinpointed the problem. I had a phone bill and internet bill attached to my previous school and apartment that was in my name. When I left the school it wasn't on the best of terms but they assured me that they would take care of canceling my bills after the last payments were made from my deposit.

Foreigner looking for a little legal advice

So my window fell off its hinges and broke a guys windshiled who was illigally parked below my building.


He wants 200,000 won for the windshield and is threatening to go to the police if I don't pay.  The problem is, I didn't push the window out.  I didn't even open the window, its falling was unbenounced to me until I saw my cat sticking its head through the window.


I am on a V2 visa and am a foreign teacher here for EPIK.  My question is what sort of ramifications do I face (ie do they not renew my visa?) if he does go to the police, and what on earth would they charge me with?

Thank you,



New native English-speaking Director of a Hagwon seeks more students

I was fortunate enough (last November) at the end of my first year teaching English in Suwon, to not only get a Korean girlfriend, but one who now owns the Hagwon where I work. She also made me the Director of the school so as to try to get more students with a native speaker "running" the school.

Paypal account

Howdy folks,


I need to set up a Korean paypal account but I don't think I will be able to do so with my Maestro card from KB bank. What would be a good bank to transfer my funds to that would allow me to easily start a paypal account from and eventually close/transfer money to an American account from. My Korean is limited so I would appreciate if they are fairly fluent in English.


Cheers fellow minions!

Anyone paying Sallie Mae student loans while living in Korea?

I am paying student loans through Sallie Mae online while in Korea. I just arrived a week ago and logged onto my Sallie Mae account to double check when my next payment is. The site will not allow me to get past the login screen. When I attempt to login I get a screen that says 'The server at ------ can't be found, because the DNS lookup failed. DNS is the network service that translates a website's name to its Internet address. This error is most often caused by having no connection to the Internet or a misconfigured network.

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