Job Wanted

Math, physics and english lesson



Lessons 1-by-1:


  • Physics - High school and university
  • Mathematics - High school and university
  • English - Kids, teenagers, and conversation
  • Spanish


Price: 15.000 won per hour or 300.000 per month (2x times per week)


Contact: kakaotalk ID brunnatom or


I seek to volunteer for an NGO in Busan

Hello, my name is Fouad. I am a master's student in Busan, my major is related to education development and cooperation. I seek to volunteer during my summer vacation for an international oganisation or NGO related to my major. I am fluent in Arabic, French, and English. If you need need a volunteer feel free to contact me. Thank you.

Korean Lesson

Hello everybody,  
My name is Daniel. I'm a native Korean student. I'm about to go to Germany in October for my post-secondary education. Meanwhile, I thought maybe I could teach Korean to those who are interested. I don't have a set price, any amount would be appreciated as I’m trying to gain both experience and stipend. You can pay me how much you think I deserve based on my teaching. I have been teaching Korean to friends at my school as well as people at my church when I lived in the states. Please call me at 010-9392-7565 or email me at if you are interested.  
P.s. I reside in Seoul, but I can commute to Camp Humphreys. 

I can do hard and heavy work

i am in korea for two months.
I worked here in hard work.(farm, fish,gardening)
they tricked me and did not pay my wages.
I have friends who are in the same situation as me.
I do not speak Korean.
I can speak a little English.
I'm looking for a job.
maybe you can help.
Thank you so much.
Kakao; Atlas111

I am looking for a job as a teacher. I can speak English and Russian


Korean American offering English lessons and essay review

I am a Korean American from Seattle with an F-4 visa. I am native and fluent in both English and Korean. I graduated from University of Washington. I was previously in the U.S. military and diplomatic service. I offer intermediate to advanced level English lessons and essay review for adults and college students.

Jun Yi

Katalk: bluejun7

I am looking for a job

영어레슨 (English Lesson from Harvard U Assistant Prof.LEE Eunjung's Tutor















English Teacher/ Teacher Assistant

My name is Dastan, and currently I am sophomore student at Pusan National University. I have been studying in English for the past six years since high school. I am fluent English speaker and intermediate level Korean speaker. IELTS: 7.5 and TOPIK 3.

I am interested in teaching position in educational institutes such as english academies for elementary and middle school students. I have an experience working with children. I used to work as part time teacher of math(SAT) and english. Timechedule and payment are negotiable.

Job Wanted for student in university

I'm a Sri Lankan male student, currently doing my master degree at Pukyong National University in Busan.

I'm looking for any kind of part-time job. (full time in summer vacation)

I'm fluent in English. Part-time teaching job also preferred. 

Restaurant, hotel or any place I can work as a Waiter, helper or cleaner.

If anyone has any kind of part-time job please inform me.

Tel- 010 4885 0248


Thank you

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