6 Basic Steps To Hold Classes Online Professionally

The April 9 issue of Forbes Magazine predicted careers will change as a result of Covid-19. Information Technology Companies are now offering their products at a discount, competing for customers because of the sheer volume of startups. What used to take a city block in Real Estate volume is being accomplished from home.

My story began in 2007 as a videographer, documenting our school’s information session at Goldman Sachs in New York. What? The alumni worked eighty plus hour weeks! That wasn’t for me so I started teaching English in an Asian country.

After three years our University’s Moodle system crashed. I used my winter vacation and set out to create my own teacher to student interactive platform. I was on my own and made so many mistakes. I want to share what I've learned here so that others can make a smooth transition as an independent teacher or tutor professional with little investment—and it’s not expensive!

Watch YouTube and learn Korean! (with 0xFLOW)

0xFLOW is a start-up company based in South Korea that is beta-testing a language-learning program that uses the latest YouTube content (such as movies, dramas, and other YouTube videos) as a fun and effective way to learn Korean.

Users can create their own content that they want to learn from (or we can make it for them!) to practice different concepts such as vocabulary that is generated using AI technology, grammar using content in the YouTube video, sentences and translations that can be created into custom language-learning printed worksheets - or they can watch and learn by using the text and translations mode.

This program is ideal for Korean language-learners of every level, whether they are newly beginning their Korean-learning journey or just looking to refresh their memory.

Volunteering at Language Cafe (Free Accomodation provided)

LanCul, Volunteering at Language Cafe of Language and Culture Exchange

Come join us in our language and cultural exchange English cafe in Busan, the best city in Korea! We are looking for volunteers who can help Korean learners improve their English. Our community aims to provide a warm and lively environment where Korean students and foreigners can share their cultures and experiences in English. Korean students can learn about a variety of cultures and practice their target language from volunteers. Volunteers also can learn and experience Korean culture and make new friends at the cafe. Volunteers also learn different cultures and share ideas and informations each other. There are usually from 15 to 20 volunteers from all of the world at our community at the same time.


Volunteers are required to have following characteristics and skills:

looking for a Vocalist

We are looking for a Vocalist.

We are a rock band playing Nirvana music.

We do it for fun once a week at a studio near GwangAanRi beach.

Text me (010-9683-6900)


English Teacher Needed

Paju Kookje International Kindergarten teaches kindergarten and elementary kids. We are using Grapeseed Program which is great to develop children`s communicative skills. All classes are taught in English. We need a teacher who has great passion, love, and professional skills in teaching English. Please send your resume (with photo), cover letter if you are interested in. If you have any questions, please contact 82-31-934-0872~3.(031-934-0872) , 82-10-5828-1200 (010-5828-1200) Email: School Location : Paju city, Gyeunggido, Korea Vacation : 1 week each in summer and winter Salary : negotiable Working hour : 9:30am.-6:30pm.

Looking for Soccer Players in Inter Busan FC

Anyone interested in playing football every Sunday afternoon? Interbusan FC is recruiting international players in Busan. My team is an international football team and players who come from U.K, U.S, Iran, Argentina, Ireland, Germany enjoy every Sunday game. The team is based on Korean footy rules.

BGN Eye Hospital English teachers promotion

Teaching English in Korea?

Wish to get rid of glasses or contact lenses this summer?

BGN has a special offer for you!

Come to BGN Eye Hospital and get 200,000 KRW discount for any type of

Laser Vision Correction!

Not sure if you are a candidate for Laser Vision Correction? In doubts which type of surgery to choose?

SMILE,LASIK,LASEK - we do them all!!!

Come for a free Laser Vision Correction consultation and examination to find out the best option in your case!

Worried about long recovery and precautions this summer? Than ReLex SMILE is the best choice for you! No flap, fast recovery and possibility to get back to work and normal life already on the next day!

Don`t hesitate and contact us to use our amazing deal on Laser Vision Correction this summer!

For booking an appointment and free consultation please refer to the following details:

Phone: 010-7670-3995

kakao: eye1004bgnbusan

Looking for Wine friends

If you like to drink various kinds of wine, we can have byob type of meeting.

I am a Korean professional, had lived at Boston.

Let me know if you are interested.

[KBS] 2020 Quiz on Korea


KBS [퀴즈 온 코리아] 입니다.

KBS와 외교부가 공동 주최하는 [퀴즈 온 코리아]는 국제적으로 대한민국의 위상이 높아짐에 따라 한국에 관한 관심이 많은 외국인들이 한국을 주제로 한국어로 퀴즈에 도전하는 방송 프로그램입니다.

9최째를 맞이하고 있는 올해는 코로나19로 인해 재외공관에서 참가자를 선발하던 방식을 바꾸어 국내에 거주 중인 외국인 유학생을 대상으로 한 퀴즈쇼를 진행하고자 합니다.

한국과 한국 문화를 사랑하는 외국인을 위한 프로그램으로서 전 세계의 청년들이 모여 우의를 다지는 데에 의미가 있습니다.

참가자격과 신청방법을 공유하오니~ 재기 발랄한 외국인 유학생분들의 많은 관심과 참여 부탁드립니다!

* 우승 상금 : 1000만원, 준우승 : 400만원

* 지원 기간 : ~5/31일까지



Book LASIK appointment this May holidays and get 200,000 KRW discount!

Dear all, spring finally came to 

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